Team Skills

Team Skills

We all depend on each other.  Everything we accomplish within an organization is through the efforts of people working together.  The premise of this guidebook is that organisations are healthier and more productive when their relationships are strong and people understand how to work together.  This guide book can be used individually or as a basis for team training.  When used for team training, team members will have fun while learning principles, making decision and maintaining a positive social environment.  Readers will come away:

  • Valuing perspectives different from their own.
  • Knowing how to listen and understand other points of views.
  • Understanding the importance of two-way communication.
  • Being committed to giving and receiving constructive feedback with other team members.
  • Handling conflicts directly and in a win-win way.
  • Looking below the surface to diagnose and improve how the team is really operating.
  • Conducting excellent discussions and making effective decisions.
  • Understanding several skills for solving technical problems together.


Quotes for Backcover of Book

“Teamwork and collaboration have become even more important in an increasingly complex world, where no one person has all the answers to solve our organizations’ problems.  Team leaders who think that they have all the experience and the answers, and team members who just keep quiet and take instructions are grossly misguided.  Through his extensive and varied experience in military operations, human resource management and academia, Joshua offers insightful and a practical toolkit for teams.  Team leader will bode well to read this book in their endeavour to bring their teams to new heights.”

Lock Wai Han, former Commissioner Immigration & Checkpoints Authority & CEO OKH Global Limited


“We have seen teams comprising highly skilled individuals break down due to poor teamwork. This is an interesting compilation of ideas that could help promote better communication, smoother collaboration, sharper problem solving and decision making at the workplace. At the individual level, these frameworks give team members a mirror to reflect and improve on their personal mastery in working successfully in a team and dealing with complex team dynamics. At the team level, the ideas in this book could give teams a common team vocabulary and framework to navigate difficult conversations and complex scenarios together, a step closer to building an effective team.”

Kwek Kwok Kwong, CEO of Education/Training Business in Singapore


“Be it for organisation development or in your community or project teams, Team Skills for High Performance provides practical and succinct know-hows to drive conversations and consensus in building effective teams. The exercises curated are great tools in a leader’s toolbox, practice them frequently with your teams to maximise your potential!”

Ivy Tse, CEO, Halogen Foundation Singapore

“Anyone working in an organization would appreciate this guidebook for its information around effective communication and collaboration among people.  The clear and logical flow of information allows readers to refresh their understanding of theories and concepts that tend to be unremembered in day-to-day work.  Joshua included exercises, quizzes and surveys that are useful and applicable in all work groups.  I would highly recommend this guidebook to new managers and colleagues who want to enhance their communication and improve overall productivity of self and team.”

Cindy Toh, Rewards Consultant, Aon Hewitt